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Is your child's: electronics addiction; limiting negative self-beliefs; behavioural issues; sleep disorders or hormonal mood swings disrupting your family's harmony? Eager to find an easy way to benefit your child's emotional well-being and academic results? To have more focus, less anxieties, more confidence and calmness, all whilst being creatively empowered, additionally benefiting hand-eye coordination?


Children naturally love art, with Mindful Art's Mindfulness coping strategies  designed to be easy to use and benefit your child in their daily life. Our techniques encourage greater impulse control; resiliency (more awareness and control over emotions, allowing your child to recover more quickly from problems that arise) and increased self-belief, confidence and emotional intelligence (kindness and compassion).

Mindful Art's classes lets your child enjoy: acrylics; watercolours; pastels; collage; paper marbling; canvas; clay and a whole lot more!

Mindful Art Core Themes

The Environment

Direct drawings of nature, painting scenes in the style of famous artists, learning perspectives in landscapes and collaborative painting on the subject of environmental issues

Symbols & Self

The use of symbolic representations via self-portraiture and finding your inner super hero and strengths, all designed to encourage positive self-image and self-empowerment


Your child’s unique Gratitude Canvas will daily reinforce all the positive aspects in their life and their hand painted Gratitude Jars will delight the loved ones they give them to!


It was really inspiring,  I feel like doing Art more now!

I enjoyed the Zectangles class because I did much better than I thought     I would

I loved the Totem Animas class, it was fun!

It was really GOOD!     I liked the meditation then drew my totem animal eagle then me  as a bird-superhero

You are very kind teacher and gave us good support with drawing the pictures and painting. I would love to do this again


I liked the tree house class SO much! When I grow up I want to make my own tree houses

I found it very relaxing and it heped me to stay concentrated for much longer


I really liked the beach painting, plus I learnt new techcniques!

Sea Scape
Sea Scape

Realising their Totem Animal renews self-empowerment and uniqueness whilst ‘Zentangling’ allows the free flow of creativity, free from rules and decisions

Totem Animal
Totem Animal

Zentangles allows children to be fully in the flow rather than worrying about the process, where to place lines, colours etc, all aspects that can hinder the creative process. Realising their Totem Animals renews self-empowerment and uniqueness

Plein Air Watercolour
Plein Air Watercolour

Open air direct landscape from 8 year old student

Earth Empathy module
Earth Empathy module

Working with a variety of mediums, collage, paint and different cards, children mindfully expressed their gratitude to the earth in pictoral form

Gratitude Jars
Gratitude Jars

Outer acryllic or Sharpies embellishment of their gratitude jars to then fill them with handwritten notes detailing all the things and people the children are grateful for, engendering appreciative attitudes

COLLAGE Earth Strata
COLLAGE Earth Strata

Mindfully envisioning the earth's strata and layers whilst highlighting environmental harmony


Welcome, I am KaraArt Therapist and Mindfulness Coach specialising  in connecting your child to their creativty whilst helping them realise their limitless potential. Our easy-peasy Mindfulness techniques can be utilised by your child for the rest of their lives in any stressful situation (e.g. bullying, academic/sports tests and times of great change in their life)


An only child with many emigrations, constant newcomer and outsider, art was my saving grace, hours spent drawing and painting to my heart’s content. This organically lead onto two art college graduations and a career in Graphic Design. With Mindfulness curing my anger and shyness issues, granting self-love and the confidence to shine. Now my own son’s hormonal anger and ‘Mum, sleeps a waste of time’ challenges dealt with within a few mindfulness minutes.

Having gained a government-approved Diploma to teach Mindful Meditation (AptEd, QCF, Ascentis) with the British School of Meditation (DipBSoM) I am passionate to pass on these valuable life skills for the benefit of a younger generation.


I feel privileged to have tutored London and Bournemouth school children, additionally facilitating Special Needs children gain invaluable coping strategies.Recently returned to Dorset, I now joyfully offer Mindful Art classes in Dorset and Hampshire.

Never more has there been the need for the arts, independent thinking and emotional intelligence with Mindful Art delivering on all fronts.

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Boy Painter

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